Past and Present Artists-in-Residence

Mireia Avila

Mireia Avila (Castellón, 1992) is a plastic and visual artist who works in Valencia. Graduated in Fine Arts from the faculty of San Carlos, Universitat Politècnica de València. She holds a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teaching (Universitat de València) and she also has a Diploma of Specialization in Interactive Technologies and Digital Fabrication at Universitat Politècnica de València. Currently, she is involved in the PhD program in Art: Production and Research (UPV).


She works especially in the audiovisual field but her ideas are held on different disciplines such as photography and sculpture. Her artwork focuses on resources around graphics and digital processes and its research possibilities on recycled wax.
These images from her family album come from the past and bring us memory. Each image-matter is recorded and cannot be moved from its physic support, from which it is indivisible since it is deeply integrated. Consequently, the image-matter remains as an embodied photography for eternity and its “duration”. It lives chained and inextricably linked to its support-object. Throughout all her artwork, the photographic images are transferred to that inert and unchangeable matter.
In this current digital era, where everything reflects a social and ephemeral masking and everything is stored in hard disks, memory must prevail. Materiality as a connection which reinterpretes or recodes the analogue-digital memory and the real-virtual relationship. Avila has exhibited in many different places, including solo exhibitions [at Sporting Club Gallery, Valencia, Spain (2015)] and also group shows such as “Lo inhóspito, lo sublime y lo urgente”, a project dealing with the defence of memory and visibility of human rights Mexican defenders [various countries, 2015 – 2016].

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